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Recent results include:

April 2018: Amazon (w Dean Ayass) v. Zoe Lucas v. Zan Phoenix Triple Threat won by Amazon. Connor Mills & Harry Sefton 2-1 David Francisco & Slick Lombardo. Charlie Carter & Oisin Delaney 2-1 Carl Brady & Jordon Dudeney. Rumble won by Jordon Dudeney. Referee: C. Hatch.

PWF Tag Team Championship final: Rishi Ghosh & Andy Simmonz 2-1 Darrell Allen & Stacey Chambers. Semi-finals: Ghosh & Simmonz 2-1 Sid Scala & Jonny Storm. Allen & Chambers 2-1 Charlie Carter & Oisin Delaney. Josh Faulkner 2-1 Phil Powers. Referee: S.Grey.

Phil Powers 2-1 Josh Faulkner. Lion Kid 2-1 Rishi Ghosh. Sid Scala 2-1 Oliver Peace. Rumble won by Darrell Allen. Referee: S. Grey.

March: Doug Williams 2-1 Josh Faulkner. Freddie Mercurio 2-1 Rishi Ghosh. Darrell Allen & Carl Brady 2-1 Josef Kafka & J J Lynch. Rumble won by Freddie Mercurio. Referee: T. Stevens.

February: Worthing Trophy: Mark Haskins 2-1 Doug Williams. Rishi Ghosh & Andy Simmonz 2-1 Darrell Allen & Harry Sefton. Karl Atlas drew Josh Faulkner, double pin. Rumble won by Josh Faulkner. Referee: S. Grey.



American Dragon v Doug Williams

Flash Barker v Doug Williams

Paul Birchall v Dave Taylor

Paul Birchall v Doug Williams

Jim Breaks v Steve Grey

Jim Breaks v Kid McCoy

Robbie Brookside v Dave Finlay

Robbie Brookside v Steve Regal

Robbie Brookside v Doug Williams

Colt Cabana v Johnny Kidd

Danny Collins v Rollerball Rocco
Wade Fitzgerald v Mark Haskins

Steve Grey v Kid McCoy

Steve Grey v Johnny Saint

Marty Jones v Dave Finlay

Heddi Karaoui v Zack Sabre

Ricky Marvin v Jonny Storm

Kid McCoy v Johnny Saint

Pat Roach v Pete Roberts

Robbie Brookside & Johnny Wilson v Giant Haystacks & Klondyke Jake